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Command line tools

  • xcdiff: xcdiff is an extensible tool that finds differences between two .xcodeproj project files. It can be thought of as git diff for .xcodeproj files, which can be used directly from the command line as well as a library supporting your own set of tools.
  • isign: Code sign iOS applications, without proprietary Apple software or hardware.
  • gon: CLI and Go Library for macOS Notarization.
  • xcbeautify: A little beautifier tool for xcodebuild
  • cli-ui: Terminal user interface library.
  • termbox: Termbox is a library that provides minimalistic API which allows the programmer to write text-based user interfaces.
  • termbox-swift: Swift Wrapper for Termbox: A Lightweight TUI Library.
  • swift-argument-parser: Straightforward, type-safe argument parsing for Swift.
  • ashen: A framework for writing terminal applications in Swift.


  • IndexStoreDB: Index database library for use with sourcekit-lsp.
  • Pecker: It's a tool to automatically detect unused code.
  • Swift Syntax: SwiftPM package for SwiftSyntax library.


  • Pock: Display macOS Dock in Touch Bar. It's free and open source!

Figma resources

  • Figma freebies: The top community for free Figma templates and UI kits. Browse user-friendly Figma UI kits for web and mobile, then open directly in Figma.
  • Figma crush: FigmaCrush is a curated collection of Figma resources: UI kits, icons, website templates and all sorts of freebies created and shared by the Figma community.


  • Open doodles: A library of sketchy illustrations of people free for personal and commercial use.
  • Undraw: Open-source illustrations for every project you can imagine and create
  • Humaaans: Mix-&-match illustrations of people with a design library
  • Lukas Zadam
  • Icons8: Free Vector Illustrations to Class up Your Project
  • Absurd Design: Absurd illustrations that make sense.
  • Freepik: Graphic resources for everyone.

Blog posts

Apple resources


-Free for dev: An extensive list of SaaS software tools for developers that come with a free tier to get you started. Created via GitHub pull requests.

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