Pedro Piñera

Software Engineer at Shopify 🛍. I like building tools for developers and doing open source.
Mostly doing Ruby & Swift, and sometimes Javascript



In this section you’ll find some talk proposals that I wrote up and that I’d love to present at any conference. If you would like me to give this talk anywhere, don’t hesitate to email me at

Orchestrating mobile app releases with Ruby and Rails

Coordinating mobile app releases is a tedious and long process for which many companies have a dedicated person. Release captains, as they are often called, take a lot of responsibility by becoming a point person. They have to trigger scripts that might be broken, ping stakeholders to share release notes or decide whether a last-minute fix can be included or not.

At Shopify, with several apps in the stores, that model was not sustainable at our scale. Thus, we designed and developed a platform, Shipit Mobile, that orchestrates the process. It takes most of the responsibility away from the captain, makes the process convenient, and provides a framework to make and share decisions with confidence.

In this talk, I’ll talk about how my team, with zero experience in Rails at that time, embarked on designing and building the platform from scratch. Among others, we’ll see the challenges of standardizing the process and the coordination with third-party services like CI, GitHub and the store APIs. Moreover, I’ll share how the process of developing an internal service at Shopify looks, and how we leveraged our design system, Polaris, to move fast and build a product that is consistent and aligned with the company.


Here’s a list of some of the talks that I’ve given at conferences.