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Hola 👋.

I'm Pedro Piñera. I'm a Staff Production Engineer at Shopify and a open-source enthusiast. I fight for open, small, and human technology. I enjoy devising and building developer tools that spark joy. Typescript 🚀, Ruby 💎, Rust 🦀 are my day-to-day languages.

I devised and created Tuist to help teams scale up Xcode projects, proposed a modular architecture to build apps, µfeatures architecture. I'm now focused on building a framework for building apps with web technologies, Gestalt.

My long-term life plans are to retire my parents early and make a living by building human and open-source tools with technology. Open source has the power to impact society positively and can be financially sustainable.

I'm also a bit fed up with surveillance capitalism and being the product of social networks, so I'm embracing more healthy and more human alternatives that adhere to the Fediverse movement. I run the following instances:

You can contact me via email [email protected] and find me on GitHub, GitLab Twitter, and LinkedIn

Work 👨‍💻

Here's the list of the companies that I've proudly been part of:

Values 🌱

Here's a list of values that I believe in and that drive most of my decisions in life: