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Pedro Piñera

Software Engineer at Shopify. Open source enthusiastic and running aficionado

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Modularize your mobile projects

Learn how to split your app components in different bundles instead of dealing with an unique bundle that packages the whole app

Swift and Objective-C playing together

Start using Swift in your Objective-C projects. Avoid some headaches with these useful tips and advices for the communication layer between your Objective-C ...

Codemotion experience

After two days of Codemotion I would like to share my experience in my first time in a developers event like that one

Github as your project management tool

Github is a powerful Git platform commonly used between the developers community. It offers features like issues, labels, milestones, releases, that used pro...

Leaving Redbooth

I took de decision to leave Redbooth and join to a new adventure. I explain here the reasons, everything I learned from there and my expectations for 8fit

Setup your iOS Projects for testing

Learn how to setup your iOS for testing using the most popular testing libraries and how to integrate your project tests in the development flow.

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