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Software Engineer at Shopify. Open source enthusiastic and running aficionado

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Who is controlling whom

With technology everywhere, we don't have control over it anymore. It's learnt how to hook us and keep us using it.

Random thoughts a Friday night in Ottawa

I sat down after work and thought about some things that have been in my mind for some time. I wrote them in this blog post that if I have to summarize it, i...

Task automation in Swift with Sake

In this post I introduce a new tool I've been working on Sake. Sake is the Swift version of Make. It allows you to automate tasks in your projects.

Linting your Xcode projects with xclint

In this post I talk about a tool I've been working on that allows you to check the state of your Xcode projects, finding missing references and duplicated fi...

Consistent vs convenient

I analyze in this post why some decisions that we make in our projects might turn into bad viruses that spread all over the code base.

Modular Xcode projects

This post presents some elementary concepts of how Xcode projects are structured, and introduces an structural approach to build modular Xcode apps.

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