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Software Engineer at Shopify. Open source enthusiastic and running aficionado

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Drawing - Oberbaumbrücke

Before I fell in love with tech and computers, I used to draw a lot. I'm bringing that habit back and this is one of my most recent drawings, the so-known Ob...

GitHub workspaces using email

With this simple tweak I managed to have a notifications-free GitHub dashboard with workspaces right on my email.

Open source mindfulness

Not being mindful when contributing and maintaining open source projects might lead to burnout or low self-steem. In this blog post I talk about some princip...


Stress and anxiety are the illnesses of the XXI century. I've suffering from them and I share in this blog post how it ended up happening and what I'm doing ...

Open Source

In this blog post I talk about why I work on open source projects and what are the most important elements for me when starting an open source community.

On having focus

I'm struggling to have focus nowadays. In this post I describe why it's so hard for me to focus, and the things that I'm doing to overcome the problem.

Hallo Ruby, wie geht's?

It's been a long time since the last time I coded something on Ruby. In this blog post I talk about why I started using it again, and how it feels after spen...

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