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A reading list of articles and other links I use to inform my work, posted almost every weekday.

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12 November 2019

Written by Srinivas Rao.

If you’re serious about finding 1000 true fans for your work, you need to stop confusing attention with accomplishment and make a shift from metrics to meaning. This is not an easy shift because as a society we are programmed to seek out status. And more is the ultimate indicator of status: more followers, more money, more traffic.

11 November 2019

Written by Miguel Gaeta.

[UIImage imageNamed] is the de-facto method for loading images on iOS, so, why was it slow? It turns out, React Native was passing it absolute paths instead of referencing named images in the bundle. So, we deleted all the images again and added a few of them to the bundle and tried again. Now, the exact same images were loading in 0.1ms and the app was fast.

7 November 2019

Written by Troy Hunt.

Yes, this is screwy, but welcome to the web! I see far worse on a near daily basis and arguably, there are multiple different circumstances in which you may genuinely need a script block that contains dynamic content that's potentially malicious. But that means you can't return a hash because you simply don't know what the script block will contain. Yes, you could build the whole thing up dynamically, calculate the hash then return that in the CSP and render the script block to the page but not only is that getting super messy, it doesn't help with the maintainability problem.

6 November 2019

Written by Steph Smith.

Each time you write a page, you are a writer. Each time you practice the violin, you are a musician. Each time you start a workout, you are an athlete. Each time you encourage your employees, you are a leader. - Atomic Habits