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I'm avoiding opening Twitter these days. It makes me a bit anxious receiving WWDC news through people racing to be the first one to publish the clickbait-type of tweet. I used to have energy to be part of that race and not suffering from FOMO, but it's become unsustainable for me - it's not just anxiety, I feel that I'm wasting my time watching or reading about "the new things", even if I don't really need them.

In the past few months, I've worked on turning things around in the way I consume tech. Rather than letting my excitement decide where to spend my time, I consume the content as I need it for my day-to-day tasks. For example, reading about people talking about SwiftUI, especially now around WWDC, made me feel that I should read and talk about it too. However, a more thorough thinking stopped me from doing it. I used that time to learn things that I might need for improving Tuist, which is what I enjoy working on these days.

It's a uncomfortable stance at first, but I believe in its long-term benefits in my mental health. Being ok with not knowing about what was presented during WWDC allows me to use my time more wisely and have a mental space that otherwise I wouldn't have.