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Tuist 2.0 and next

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As we are approaching the release of Tuist 2.0, I started thinking what's next for the project. The focus until 1.0 was around project generation. We provided developers with a graph-based project generation that abstracts away Xcode's intricacies. As we passed that milestone, we started thinking about building workflows and optimizations built upon project generation. The graph was a powerful project element that other tools lacked so we felt we needed to leverage it further. We added tuist focus to generate projects that are optimized for developers' intents. tuist signing made it easy to configure the environment and the generated projects for signing, and tuist cache warm allowed caching project targets as binaries for later usage when generating projects. We also started exploring the idea of standardizing and integration of third-party dependencies through a new manfiest file, Dependencies.swift, and we just released support for defining tasks defined in .swift file that get compiled and executed. Quite a ride, isn't it? Along the process we met many talented developers that joined on on this ride, and became the fuel that makes the project move forward.

After releasing tasks and overhauling our website to reflect the new brand, we'll start working towards 3.0. What does that mean for the project? Besides improving project generation, for example by making it faster and handling more project scenarios, I think we should focus on the following elements:

I'm sure more ideas will pop up down the road, but the ones that I shared above will most likely be our focus as we enter this new chapter. We'll continue to listen developers, their challenges, needs, and collaborate to figure out how Tuist can help them the best way possible.

Thanks for reading.