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The number of developers adopting Swift is increasing. More companies are using Swift for their projects and Spain is a good example of it. Since the language was launched all of us have been learning together, experimenting with the language, and suffering frequent updates in the syntax and foundation components. Something great about this language is that we’ve been part of its evolution. Even more now that the language has been open source.

I see developers sharing libraries or asking doubts on Twitter since we don’t have any more direct alternative to reach each other and find answers to our concerns:

Are you using Carthage or CocoaPods?

Have you tried the last version of RxSwift?

I can’t debug with Xcode, it crashes in my breakpoints.

I’ve seen myself asking some friends for suggestions in regards some topics. When I have to work on a new problem that other companies have solved I wonder a how these companies are doing and the caveats of their solution. Why not having a community where, all of us, can share our Swift learnings, help each other, make this language even greater?

I came up with the idea of creating that community using Slack since we use Slack everyday for communication. I called the community swift-spain and you can access it using the following link:

Access Swift-Spain Slack community


Have you found a new Swift library that can be very useful for more developers, share it in the libraries channel . Have you worked on a new open source project and you would like to find betatesters, ask for help in that channel.


There are a lot of conferences around the world with Swift as the main topic of the conference, share them in the conferences channel . If you are planning to attend any conference and you would like to know if more devs are going from Spain you can ask there. You can end up getting flights and an Airbnb together.


Share everything related to testing in the channel with the same name, testing. Best practices testing with Swift, how protocol extensions simplified your tests, or even how you use the UI tests that come with Xcode.


Looking for iOS devs? Looking for a new project to be part of? There’s a channel jobs for you. This channel won’t be the new Linkeding for Spanish iOS devs but a place where you can find people to increase your team and increase your relationships.


If you are struggling with some problems and you would need help to get them solve do not hesitate to ask for help in doubts channel. iOS devs can help you with your problems or concerns. The problem you’re facing might have been a problem for another dev before.


Would you like to share a video of a talk you watched online? Or some photos of your holidays in SF? Use the channel off-topic to talk about anything that is not directly related to Swift.