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Streamlining app development

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One thing that I noticed after Shopify's commitment to React Native is that it foster a culture of turning ideas into mobile apps. Doing app development is no longer a thing that only mobile developers do. In hindshight, it was a good company decision, but it presents another set of challenges that my team, React Native Foundations, will have to figure out how to overcome. Those challenges have to do with steps further down the process that are not obvious if you are not a mobile developer per-se: How do I share my app with another person? How do I run the app on my device? How can I upload my app to Google Play Store and App Store?

Yesterday, while thinking about all of this, I came up with the idea of grouping phases along the process of developing apps in 4 categories:

It's exciting being able to translate the above user intents into workflows that developers can follow. In the past few years we have been building individual tools that we are slowly bringing together to provide a more cohesive experience that developers enjoy.