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Seeking focus

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I recently posted on Twitter that I'd take a break from it. This is something that I tried a few times in the past and I always ended up coming back. My motivation for doing that is protecting my focus and energy instead by not spending it scrolling to feed my FOMO. It makes me feel like a zombie at the end of the day. Being honest to myself, most of the information I find on Twitter is useless. As an industry, we are constantly reinventing the wheel, and because we, human beings, have the need for feeling recognized, we feel the urge of sharing all the time, including myself. You read the same thing over an over, with different names, from different people. In the meantime, our lives are moving forward. And more and more we struggle to use our time in a meaningful manner. We are not robots. We are humans with limitations. But instead of embracing them, we neglect them and normalize being burned out. We counterbalance it with some sprinkles of minimalism and meditation. We patch a problem Internet has created with more Internet. We believe all we need to break this unhealthy relationship is one app that tells us to meditate. Sorry for these words, but this is how I felt, fuck it! This is extremely unhealthy long-run.

Taking this break feels extremely liberating. I'm reconnecting with myself and my life. I'm getting used to living without having to think about what's happening in the industry. Because I'm a creative person, I can explore those ideas for the sake of experimenting with new things, and not because I'd like to show others that I can also build cool things. For instance, I feel more engaged with Tuist now because I'm no longer worried about what people will think about it, nor what Apple does in that space. Moreover, I'm very motivated to play with some ideas I never had time to prototype because my energy was wasted on Twitter. In fact, I created an organization on GitHub where I plan to push those ideas as open source projects. For those that create value for users, I might turn them into more passive sources of revenue that allow me to spend more time creating.

I don't know if I'll ever go back to Twitter, but I have to say I'm enjoying it so far.