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Running system tasks with Swift and Foundation

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Have you ever tried to use Foundation's API on macOS to run system tasks? Perhaps you know the class Process, which is provided exactly for that purpose. I tried to used it in Angle, a side project that I'm developing with some friends, and I'm struggling to use it properly. These are the issues that I ran into:

The best implementation that I found so far to run tasks in the system is the one from the Swift Package Manager, which interestingly, doesn't use Process but its own implementation of it. Unfortunately, you can't/shouldn't copy-paste the class into your project.

It's unfortunate that those issues haven't been tackled. The API is not very user-friendly and there's a lot of room for improvement to make it more straightforward to use. If we look at Ruby's API, this is how we look like:

require 'open3'

# Launch the process and capture the standard output in a variable.
developer_path = `xcode-select -p`

# Launch the process and forward the standard output and error.
system("xcodebuild", "build", "-project", "MyProject.xcodeproj") || abort

# Launch the process and capture the standard output and error
stdout_str, stderr_str, status = Open3.capture3("xcrun", "simctl", "list", "devices", "-j")

# Launch the process and call the block with the
Open3.popen3("xcodebuild", "build", "-project", "MyProject.xcodeproj") {|stdin, stdout, stderr, wait_thr|
  pid = wait_thr.pid
  exit_status = wait_thr.value

As you can see, we have several options from which we can choose depending on what we'd like to do with the process:

The most reliable abstraction that I've found is ReactiveTask, which is developed by the Carthage team and used by Carthage. It provides a beautiful reactive API using ReactiveSwift, with which you can use Reactive operators and subscribe to the events that you are most interested in. If there's a good use case for the usage of the reactive paradigm, this is to me one. A process is an operation that starts, sends a bunch of events, and then completes.

Unfortunately 😕, Angle has already RxSwift as a dependency, and I doubt it's a good idea to add another reactive library to the stack. For that reason, I started developing internally an implementation similar to ReactiveTask's, but using RxSwift. It's still WIP, but if I'm happy with the result, we might open source it.

I wonder if I'm the only one having this experience with the Process class, or there are other developers that are struggling with the same issues. If you are one of those, I'm curious to know how you overcame them.

Have a wonderful week!