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Genuine opinions on the Internet

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Having my own opinions is not easy nowadays. Internet made it easier for everyone to share their thoughts, philosophy and motto. Some even took the opportunity to softly push them onto the people (or followers) around them. Unless one has a strong personality and deeply reflects on every decision, it's likely that the decision is influenced.

I feel the more in contact I am with the Internet, the lesser genuine my decisions are. I end up thinking, saying, or doing what everyone around me does. And what's worse, worrying too much when I have contrary opinions.

Two years ago, I shared a blog post where I shared some observations about tech conferences. It was my opinion, which some other people seemed to share, but no one dared to speak their mind. I had to remove it after seeing some people using it to come up with false shit that they could tell others about me. The reactions after I published the blog post made me think a lot:

I went through a period of silence and disappointment during which some people told me that I'd better not share those thoughts because they can backfire me. It made me sad. I'm a person who likes to share his opinions and a true version of himself. I hate pretending to be someone or saying what people want to hear when I disagree with it.

I've been working a lot on staying genuine on the Internet and not giving a fuck about people getting upset at contrary opinions. Yesterday, for instance, I replied to a tweet from one of the most respected people on the iOS community. I disagreed with his point of view and for a moment, I thought about not taking the discussion further to not get some extra enemies. Seriously? (I told myself) I'm not being disrespectful if I share my point of view, so that's what I did. It felt great.

It feels great being yourself and I encourage you to do the same. Sharing and challenging points of views is an excellent way of learning.