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A inflamed society

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The abundance of information the Internet brings, and in particular social networks, are turning us into an inflamed society with the cortisone levels skyrocketing. Cortisone is the hormone associated to the stress and it has an indirect correlation with Oxytocin, an hormone that contributes to building social bonds. What that means in practice is that we are more individualists, react negatively to external events, and lack empathy towards others and self-awareness.

These are my feelings when I use social networks these days. I feel they get the worst of each of us. They have the ability to ruin a beautiful offline moment. They can also clutter your mind. It's not longer about enjoying the present, the offline, the boredom. It's all about sharing what you do, reading about what happens, and having an opinion on what people talk about.

Why am I talking about this now? I've had a handful of interactions recently that made me reconsider my presence on social networks again. Moreover, I've felt a fair amount of anxiety lately and hasn't been healthy. I don't want it to become the norm.

I'm fighting back the individualism that oxytocin has brought up through community work such as contributing to open-source. I'm educating myself on ignoring technology trends and sticking to Ruby. It's enjoyable, I know it well, and it aligns perfectly with my needs. Isn't it boring? Yes. But I don't have to stress myself with learning new things every day. I'll default to this blog to syndicate thoughts, ideas, and reflections. I'll refrain from participating in public Twitter discussions. I'll stop publishing and consuming content from social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

I hope to reconnect with myself and the people that I love.