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Making progress on Galaxy

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The more I work on Galaxy, the more I realize it’s a necessary extension for Tuist. As I work on it I come up with new ideas that have the potential to be part of future iterations of the project.

This week I focused on developing the landing page with Gatsby. As I posted a few days ago on Twitter, I really like building websites using Gatsby and React. Not only because of the declarativeness of React, which makes the process a joy, but because you can find all sorts of plugins for common functionalities such as defining meta labels for SEO and enabling offline browsing.

While I develop the website, I’m familiarizing myself with TailwindCSS class names. Before TailwindCSS, I used to use ThemeUI, but the problem is that we can’t use it with the framework that we use for building the web app, Rails. Learning TailwindCSS for styling HTML means that we can learn it once and apply it everywhere.

The next steps on the website will be adding the following pages: about, terms of service, privacy policy, blog, and changelog. Moreover, I plan to configure the website to be consumable by RSS readers.

Besides the website, I also configured a community forum for the users of the platform to connect and share experiences. I did a similar setup for Tuist, and it turned out to be a great experience. Rather than opening Slack to everyone and encouraging real-time and quick conversations, we encourage longer and more thorough ones. It’s empty right now, but you can come and say hi 👋.

And until here my update about Galaxy. I’m thinking I could make this more often, like a journal about how to build a platform.