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Developing PopcornTime for tvOS

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With the launch of the last Apple TV, Apple also released an SDK, tvOS, offering to the developers the tools to build apps for such device. I have to admit I didn't get any device because I have the previous model and I did not use it at all, but as a developer, I was kind of curious about the idea of porting PopcornTime to tvOS. Was it possible? Was there any restriction?.

The idea of PopcornTime was great, it was sad seeing them closing the service after everything they were able to do with a remote team, and building the app for multiple platforms. Desktop apps were actually web apps built on top of NodeJS and the Android app used a torrent client implemented in Javascript, that was executed on the Android device using a NodeJS instance, quite interesting, isn't it?

Torrent Client

My first concern when I started coding the project (which is available on this was which torrent client I was going to use. I first took a look if there was any Swift client already implemented but there wasn't so I jumped to Objective-C and C++. I found one, very popular in the community, libtorrent which is implemented in C++. As you can add C++ in a Xcode project I added de dependency to my project and used an Objetive-C torrent client implemented using libtorrent from this [project].

In order to use it from Swift I just add the import to the bridging header and could access the client from my Swift code. The exposed interface of that client exposes three callbacks:

When I first tried the torrent client I added some console logs in these callbacks and sent a torrent to be downloaded. I didn't get any log printed and I then decided to go to sleep because I was a bit tired. 30 min later, I woke up and saw the log full of printed messages, I shout out, yay! it works!. I then added a VideoPlayerViewController and tried to reproduce the provided NSURL where the resource was located.

Guess what? It worked! (included real device, not only simulator)

PTTorrentStreamer.sharedStreamer().startStreamingFromFileOrMagnetLink("magnet-link", progress: { (status) -> Void in
   print("Status: \(status)")
}, readyToPlay: { (url) -> Void in
   print("Ready to play \(url)")
}) { (error) -> Void in
   print("Error: \(error)")

Torrents API, YTS

For the previous example I hardcoded the magnet-link but I wanted the real app to get the data from an API and present the list of movies using a tvOS user-friendly layout, with covers, movies information, ... After some research I found out, YTS API, tried its multiple endpoints and they worked, they offered, list of movies, filtering, and also recommendations. It was perfect!

I decided then to architecture the core of the app in a framework, PopcornTimeKit dependency of the main app target. I implemented the Movie and Torrent models that were going to be the mapping result of API responses and also the HTTP requests and repositories to access these resources from the API. I used for that purpose, a library, I implemented called HTTPCommander that implements base HTTP Commands that expose its execution using reactive observables (I didn't mention but decided that the public interface of PopcornTimeKit was going to be reactive with RxSwift).

With the requests ready for accessing the API and getting the data and errors mapped, the PopcornTimeKit was ready to be used from the app. The app was not going to have any kind of persistence, data would be fetched and presented as the user navigated through the interface as the desktop client did.


The AVFoundation component AVPlayer works but it does not allow to embed subtitles or read formats like .mkv. I had a look at MobileVLCKit which recently gave support to tvOS but I couldn’t get it compiling so I opened an issue explaining the problem I was having. I hope they can fix it soon.

I opened an issue on the repository to let the VLC team know about the bug.

What’s next?

I’ve given the first steps, and seen that it’s possible to have PopcornTime working on our AppleTV and enjoy a better catalog than the one other companies offer. I’m not going to try to find any distribution channel, even if there was one. I like learning and creating, projects like PopcornTime are perfect to experiment with new protocols formats, platforms… If you are a Swift/Objective-C developer and you would like to help with the project this project is also yours. I’ll be pleased to have you onboard and go with it together. Features that would be great to have are:

The repository is available on pepibumur/popcorntimetv. Feel free to contribute :)