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Derived Info.plist files

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Today I found some time to do some work on this PR, which allows Tuist users to define the content of their Info.plist files in the project manifest. Although it doesn't add much value compared to having the content in a Info.plist file, it opens the door to a powerful abstraction: inheriting product-base values that developers can extend with their target-specific keys.

let infoPlist = InfoPlist.default(extend:[
  "CFBundleShortVersionString": "1.0",
  "CFBundleVersion": "1"
let target = Target(name: "MyFramework", infoPlist: infoPlist)

As we can see, we just need to override the values that our target is interested in providing, the rest is provided by Tuist. As part of the project generation, Tuist creates the file at /path/to/project/Derived/InfoPlists/MyFramework.plist.

The Derived directory only contains the Info.plist files for now, but we may store more types of files in the future. For instance, I'm considering integrating SwiftGen into Tuist, storing the generated code under Derived/SiftGen*.

It's exciting seeing Tuist abstracting all the complexities and most importantly, seeing how the architectural decisions that we made are enabling this effort.