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Trying out iOS builds from pull requests with Angle

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It's public holidays today in Berlin and my wife is working to get some extra holidays later this year, so I decided to work on a side project that I'm developing with friends, Angle. Although we are close to have a first releaseable (if that's a word) version, there are still some bits to be polished to make sure we provide a great user experience.

In few words, the app allows running builds associated to pull requests on a local simulator in a matter of seconds. You get a comment on your PR, and after clicking the run build button, Angle downloads the app, launches a simulator, and opens the app in it.

An screenshot that shows the comment that Angle adds from which users can trigger builds

It doesn't sound that amazing when described with words, but believe me, seeing the simulator and the app launching when clicking a button from GitHub is mind-blowing. Moreover, you can get a shareable link from your builds that you can share with other people.

Hey! Would you like to check out the changes that I introduced on this PR? Here's the link to the build

The set up process is very easy:

  1. First, you add the project to Angle. You can do this from the macOS app. You get a token that uniquely identifies your project.
  2. On CI you add an extra step right after the step that compiles the app for simulator.
  3. That's it! We associate the builds to a commit and aggregate Git metadata that we fetch from GitHub.

If this sounds interesting and would like to give it a try on your projects, send me an email or shoot me a DM on Twitter.

Have a wonderful and safe week!