About me

Hola 👋.

I'm Pedro Piñera. I'm a Senior Staff Developer at Shopify and a open-source enthusiast. I fight for open, small, and human technology. I enjoy devising and building developer tools that spark joy. Elixir 🧪, Rust 🦀, Javascript 🚀 are my day-to-day languages.

I devised and created Tuist to help teams scale up Xcode projects, proposed a modular architecture to build apps, µfeatures architecture.

My long-term life plans are to retire my parents early and make a living by building human and open-source tools with technology. Open source has the power to impact society positively and can be financially sustainable.

You can contact me via email hola@craftweg.com and find me on GitHub, GitLab Twitter, Mastodon, and LinkedIn

Work 👨‍💻

Here's the list of the companies that I've proudly been part of:

  • Shopify:
  •  2022: Senior Staff Developer.
  •  2021: Staff production engineer.
  •  2019: Engineering manager of the mobile tooling and React Native  Foundations teams.
  •  2018: Senior production engineer in the mobile tooling team.
  • SoundCloud: Core iOS developer in 2015 and 2017
  • 8fit: Mobile developer in 2014 and 2015
  • Redbooth: iOS developer in 2013 and 2014

Values 🌱

Here's a list of values that I believe in and that drive most of my decisions in life:

  • Genuineness: I trust things and people when they are authentic when they don't try to make up a false appearance. I often encounter banal elements on the Internet, and I find it hard to trust them. Since I believe in being authentic, I seek authenticity myself. If I feel bad, have flaws, did something wrong, or feel excellent, that's what I share with others. I don't expect the same from others, nor I'd push them to do so.
  • Openness: I believe in the value of being open and sharing our learnings, mistakes, work, and experiences with others. This is a value I learned from my experience doing open-source work and applies to other areas. I am open and direct when talking to people, dumping thoughts on my blog, or having discussions on GitHub. When openness is reciprocal, it inspires excellent interactions between people.
  • Humility: I always try to keep my feet on the floor and not forget where I come from. I do so by exercising appreciation, which helps me stay humble and not let my ego devour me. I'm not a person that likes to see himself as especial, so when people see me through those lenses, I invite them not to do so by being a casual and approachable person, a friend of friends.
  • Human-first: It's easy to lose our way in technology and forget that the ultimate goal of technology is to empower and help people. I'm a massive detractor of companies like Facebook that exploit the vulnerabilities of human beings. When I design and build software, I put people first: values, moral principles, and addiction risk. Helping them is far more important to me than building a successful product that makes people's lives worse.
  • Directness: I like communication is clear and direct. I appreciate this from the German culture.