Pedro Piñera

About me

Hi there 👋! I'm Pedro Piñera, a software engineer born and raised in Spain, but that eventually ended up in Berlin, where I live nowadays with my wife. Every day of winter, I wake up wondering what motivated me to move to Berlin, and honestly, I still don't know. I currently work for a fantastic company, Shopify 🛒, which is revolutionizing e-commerce as no one has done before. I devote most of my time at Shopify building tools for mobile developers. I used to be an iOS developer who fell in love and broke up with Xcode several times, so I'm leveraging that knowledge to make mobile developers' life easier with tools. I mostly write them with Rails and Ruby, technologies that scared me at first when I confronted their lack of types and magic for the first time, but that I ended up liking.

On the Internet, I try to be a genuine, honest, and fun person. You'll find me saying and sharing what I think, even if that's against the established. I believe in the Internet where everyone shares the authentic version of themselves and don't pretend to be another persona, or accept what everyone around them does.

I share my experiences through blog posts, and most importantly, open-source projects. Whenever I come across a problem that I need to solve with software, I make it open-source so that anyone facing a similar issue can save some time and help others. Moreover, open-source has connected me with a lot of amazing people on the Internet. People that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. Here are some open-source projects that I'm the proudest of:

  • Tuist: It's a command-line tool that provides a standard interface to work with Xcode projects.
  • XcodeProj: It's a Swift package to read, update, and write Xcode projects.
  • Microfeatures Guidelines: A proposal on how to structure frameworks in a modular iOS application.

I'm a very casual and approachable person, like you and most people in this world. Don't hesitate to DM me on Twitter or send me an email to pedro at hey dot com if you'd like to talk about anything or even grab a 🍺/☕️.

Work 👨‍💻

Here's the list of the companies that I've proudly been part of:

  • Shopify: Engineering Manager of the Mobile Tooling and React Native Foundations teams since 2018
  • SoundCloud: Core iOS developer in 2015 and 2017
  • 8fit: Mobile developer in 2014 and 2015
  • Redbooth: iOS developer in 2013 and 2014

Values 🌱

Here's a list of values that I believe in and that drive most of my decisions in life:

  • Genuineness: I trust things and people when they are authentic, when they don't try to make up a false appearance. I often come across banal elements on the Internet, and I find it hard to put trust on them. Since I believe in being authentic, I seek authenticity myself. If feel bad, have flaws, did something wrong, or feel wonderful, that's what I share with others. I don't expect the same from others, nor I'd push them to do so.
  • Openness: I believe in the value of being open and sharing our learnings, mistakes, work, and experiences with others. This is a value that I learned from my experience doing open-source work and I think it applies to other areas. I try to be open and direct when talking to people, when dumping thoughts on my blog, or having discussions on GitHub. When openness is reciprocal, it inspires wonderful interactions between people.
  • Humility: I always try to keep my feet on the floor and don't forget where I come from. I do so by exercising appreciation, which in turn helps me stay humble and not let ego devour me. I'm not a person that likes to see himself as especial so when people see me through those lenses, I invite them not to do so by being a casual and approachable person, friend of friends.
  • Human-first: It's easy to lose our way in technology and forget that the ultimate of goal of technology is to empower and help people. I'm a huge detractor of companies like Facebook that exploit vulnerabilities of human beings. When I design and build software, I put people in the first place: values, moral principles, risk to addiction. Helping them is far more important to me than building a successful product that make people's life worse.
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