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Software Engineer at Shopify. Open source enthusiastic and running aficionado

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Recent Posts

But it's powered by Electron

This tiny blog post contains some thoughts on the rants I often see about apps written in Electron and what's my opinion on the framework and the apps writte...

I do have weaknesses too

In this article I open myself up and talk about some of weaknesses that have been with me for a long time and that I'm currently trying to overcome.

What a psychologist helped me realize

It's been a few months going through a therapy that has helped me understand how my brain works and where the stress that I used to experience came from.

Drawing - Oberbaumbrücke

Before I fell in love with tech and computers, I used to draw a lot. I'm bringing that habit back and this is one of my most recent drawings, the so-known Ob...

GitHub workspaces using email

With this simple tweak I managed to have a notifications-free GitHub dashboard with workspaces right on my email.

Open source mindfulness

Not being mindful when contributing and maintaining open source projects might lead to burnout or low self-steem. In this blog post I talk about some princip...


Stress and anxiety are the illnesses of the XXI century. I've suffering from them and I share in this blog post how it ended up happening and what I'm doing ...

Open Source

In this blog post I talk about why I work on open source projects and what are the most important elements for me when starting an open source community.

On having focus

I'm struggling to have focus nowadays. In this post I describe why it's so hard for me to focus, and the things that I'm doing to overcome the problem.

Hallo Ruby, wie geht's?

It's been a long time since the last time I coded something on Ruby. In this blog post I talk about why I started using it again, and how it feels after spen...

Who is controlling whom

With technology everywhere, we don't have control over it anymore. It's learnt how to hook us and keep us using it.

Random thoughts a Friday night in Ottawa

I sat down after work and thought about some things that have been in my mind for some time. I wrote them in this blog post that if I have to summarize it, i...

Task automation in Swift with Sake

In this post I introduce a new tool I've been working on Sake. Sake is the Swift version of Make. It allows you to automate tasks in your projects.

Linting your Xcode projects with xclint

In this post I talk about a tool I've been working on that allows you to check the state of your Xcode projects, finding missing references and duplicated fi...

Consistent vs convenient

I analyze in this post why some decisions that we make in our projects might turn into bad viruses that spread all over the code base.

Modular Xcode projects

This post presents some elementary concepts of how Xcode projects are structured, and introduces an structural approach to build modular Xcode apps.

Moving back to Berlin

A brief retrospective on what my life has been in the last few months and my thougts on my move to Berlin.

My thoughts on using React Native

I describe in this article what for me are the positive and negative points towards using React Native as technology for building your mobile apps.

Composable UIs

Build UIs based on reusable components that you can compose in more complex hierarchies.

📦 Wrapping up 2016

The year is almost over. In this post I summarize everything that happened this year and my new year resolutions.

Stepping off the social world

I became addicted to social networks. What’s addicted for me? Opening apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from time to time and scrolling on their home...

Developer Reflexion: Focus

Reflexion from a developer point of view about the importance of keeping a focus daily to have a good quality of life

Boy Scouts rule with Danger

Post where I explain how Danger helped us at SoundCloud to apply the programming Boy Scouts rule to our workflow

Marcheta en la vida

Mi experiencia de haber salido a vivir fuera de España y las lecciones aprendidas

Xcode scripts to rule them all

Set of normalized scripts very useful for Xcode projects. Individual contributors will be familiar with them after they clone the project.

States - The source of truth

Overview of states in iOS apps, how we tipically handle them, current challenges with states and how to overcome them

Developing PopcornTime for tvOS

I explain in this post the steps I followed to bring the concept of PopcornTime to tvOS and offering torrent video streaming in the last Apple TV device.

I struggle learning languages

It's not easy for me. My mind has never been willing to learn languages but I'll do my best this year to overcome this problem.

Building PopcornTime for tvOS

I explain in this post the steps I followed to bring the concept of PopcornTime to tvOS and offering torrent video streaming in the last Apple TV device.

Rewriting SugarRecord, 2.0

I explain in this post how was the process of rewriting SugarRecord, a CoreData/Realm wrapper for Swift.

My first Apple Watch impressions

After a day using Apple Watch I would like to share my impressions with the new Apple toy and why I wouldn’t buy the first version

Modularize your mobile projects

Learn how to split your app components in different bundles instead of dealing with an unique bundle that packages the whole app

Swift and Objective-C playing together

Start using Swift in your Objective-C projects. Avoid some headaches with these useful tips and advices for the communication layer between your Objective-C ...

Codemotion experience

After two days of Codemotion I would like to share my experience in my first time in a developers event like that one

Github as your project management tool

Github is a powerful Git platform commonly used between the developers community. It offers features like issues, labels, milestones, releases, that used pro...

Leaving Redbooth

I took de decision to leave Redbooth and join to a new adventure. I explain here the reasons, everything I learned from there and my expectations for 8fit

Setup your iOS Projects for testing

Learn how to setup your iOS for testing using the most popular testing libraries and how to integrate your project tests in the development flow.