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Adding bits of reactive programming to Tuist

8 December 2019
open source
reactive programming

In this blog post I talk about a recent decision that we made to start using reactive programming to model asynchronous tasks in Tuist.

Working on a new website for Tuist

6 December 2019
open source

An update on what I'm up to these days with Tuist. In particular, I talk about the new website that I'm designing and implementing for the project.

Creating experiences

3 December 2019
open source

Picked up my phone and dumped some thoughts on why I'm so engaged and excited to build Tuist.

I am X

24 November 2019

This is a short reflection around something that it's common in our industry, professionals labelling themselves and limiting their area of influence.

Module caching with Galaxy

18 November 2019
open source

Tuist has been of a great value for developers that found it difficult to extend their Xcode projects because Xcode exposed a lot of complexity to them. Having conceptually compressed those difficulties by leveraging project generation, it's time for Tuist to tackle a new challenge, reduce compilation times.

Static site generators

4 November 2019
open source
static generator

In this blog post I talk about what traits I expect a static site generator to have, and why I believe Gatsby is a more suitable option than other alternatives in the industry.

Better relative paths

31 October 2019
open source

We are providing a new API from Tuist to define relative paths and this blog post describes the motivation behind it and the solution that we are adopting.

Project description helpers

10 October 2019
open source

In this blog post I talk about a beautiful abstraction which Alex and I came up with to push Tuist's awesomeness even further.


3 October 2019
open source

In this blog post I talk about abstractions in the Xcode projects domain and how Tuist leverages the concept to conceptually compress intricacies of Xcode projects that developers are often confronted with.

The things that matter

25 September 2019
attention economy
social networks

This blog post is a reflection of a book that I recently read, "Stand out of light", and that talks about the attention economy. I explain how I've also been victim of the attention economy, and why I believe is important to regain it.