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Software Engineer at Shopify. Open source enthusiastic and running aficionado

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An iPhone without social networks

After some time being off social networks, I make a brief reflection on what that means when it comes to my usage of the iPhone. I started to use it less and...

GitHub as an organization hub

With the recent GitHub announcement of personal projects, I'm considering using GitHub as a todo platform where I can not only keep track of work-related tas...

Cutting down dopamine sources

In this blog post I talk about why I stopped using Twitter and some thoughts that I have on our addiction to social networks.

But it's powered by Electron

This tiny blog post contains some thoughts on the rants I often see about apps written in Electron and what's my opinion on the framework and the apps writte...

I do have weaknesses too

In this article I open myself up and talk about some of weaknesses that have been with me for a long time and that I'm currently trying to overcome.

What a psychologist helped me realize

It's been a few months going through a therapy that has helped me understand how my brain works and where the stress that I used to experience came from.

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